TEAM is a nonprofit 501c3 formed to help Bradshaw Shelter meet its objectives. Our primary focus is to find good homes for the healthy, unclaimed animals who end up at the shelter, some of whom were euthanized for lack of homes.

To be successful, TEAM needs both financial and volunteer assistance from the community. We strive to use your donations for the best good and provide our budget breakdown freely and for your information as you consider the best organization for your charitable contributions.

By supporting TEAM, friends of animals throughout the Sacramento area (and beyond) can make a difference to the health, well-being and placement prospects of the animals at Bradshaw Shelter.

Contributions to TEAM in any amount will help fund many important projects designed to benefit the animals at Bradshaw Shelter.

Please make checks payable to TEAM and mail to:

Teaching Everyone Animals Matter
P.O. Box 279168
Sacramento, CA 95827
TAX ID number 91-1825374

Donations may also be made to TEAM via PayPal.

TEAM’s 2012 Tax Return

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