Teaching Everyone Animals Matter

TEAM is the non-profit affiliate of the Sacramento County Department of Animal Care and Regulation. We work with volunteers and shelter staff to help the shelter animals in our community.  Contributions to TEAM in any amount will help fund many important projects designed to benefit the animals at Bradshaw Shelter.


Our Story

TEAM (Teaching Everyone Animals Matter) is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation formed to help Bradshaw Animal Shelter of Sacramento County improve the health, well-being and adoption prospects of the county’s shelter animals. TEAM organizes and participates in fundraising, public awareness activities and service projects designed to generate support for shelter animals and related programs. These include:

Fundraisers, including the annual Whiskers & Wine event and the successful Critter Outfitter retail store

A Special Medical Needs Program to provide supplemental veterinary care for injured and sick animals

Community-based spay and neuter projects serving the pets of low-income residents

Working With The Community To Benefit Shelter Animals

TEAM has been “Teaching Everyone Animals Matter” for 20 years. From the beginning, TEAM has supported Bradshaw Animal Shelter by funding special veterinary care and by supporting the volunteers and staff members who work tirelessly for the animals. TEAM has also made public education about animal issues a top priority. Urging the public to “Always spay, always neuter, always ID, always adopt a shelter pet,” this message remains at the heart of TEAM’s work.

TEAM’s primary function is to raise money for the Special Medical Needs Program, which funds specialized veterinary care and treatment for injured and neglected animals surrendered to Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Program funding also provides medical equipment and supplies for the shelter’s on-site surgery facility.


  • Flea Treatments 8%
  • Special Medical Needs Program (SMNP) 33%
  • IDEXX Laboratories (lab services) 13%
  • Veterinarian Expenditures/Consultations 9%
  • Dental procedures for Shelter Animals 5%
  • Spay/Neuter for Shelter Rabbits 4%
  • Spay/Neuter for Shelter Cats 2%
  • Surgical Supplies for Shelter Veterinarian 2%
  • Surgical Veterinarian Consults 2%
  • Billboards in Target Communities 6%
  • Cat Habitat & Catfe Furniture 7%
  • Sponsorship for Spay Day 2%
  • Purchased Surgery Monitor 8%

2017 Community Outreach Billboard Campaign

We’re currently running our 2017 billboard campaign at 10 locations throughout the county. This board will be up through the month of March. This is the third in a series of boards that TEAM has underwritten for community education purposes; the previous ones included messaging about pet spay/neuter and animal abuse/neglect.

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