T.E.A.M. is the non-profit affiliate of the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter.  We work with volunteers and shelter staff to help the shelter animals in our community.


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Getting Involved

Save an Animal

Make a Donation

To be successful, TEAM needs both financial and volunteer assistance from the community. We strive to use your donations for the best good and provide our budget breakdown freely and for your information as you consider the best organization for your charitable contributions.  Contributions to TEAM in any amount will help fund many important projects designed to benefit the animals at Bradshaw Shelter.

Sponsor An Event

By sponsoring a TEAM event, friends of animals throughout the Sacramento area (and beyond) can make a difference to the health, well-being and placement prospects of the animals at Bradshaw Shelter.  On behalf of the more than 12,000 animals we will assist this year through our programs, THANK YOU for your thoughtful consideration of our request of sponsorship!

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Amazing!!👏 YOU DID IT!!! 👏
We put out a call for help to get our large-breed pups out of the shelter, and so many of you answered that our kennels are empty!!
😍 This is truly the stuff dreams are made of!! 😍
📣 A huge shout-out to our foster/adoption and behavioral teams who worked tirelessly to get the dogs out and match them up with families!!
➡️ Dogs will continue to filter in to the shelter, and we'll be here to take care of their needs! Stay tuned as there may be more foster opportunities ahead!
➡️ And please remember: All of these amazing dogs in foster are available for adoption, so please spread the word about them and/or apply to adopt: saccountydogs.com/adopt/!
➡️ Already submitted an adoption application? We should be getting back to you this week!
❤️ We truly can't thank our community enough for stepping up to take in our dogs!! Y'all are rock stars!! ❤️
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The latest update from the shelter.Bradshaw Animal Shelter Closure Updates & FAQ:

We are so grateful for the high volume of Foster Applications and appreciate your patience as we process them and respond. As of today, we will only be processing applications that were placed within the past week and will add any new foster applicants to a waiting list for future fostering opportunities. Currently, all small dogs and cats have been placed in foster homes and our large dogs are continuing to find foster homes with current applicants. THANK YOU! We appreciate your continued support! 🐾 Stay safe. Stay healthy.

For a list of updates, please visit bit.ly/3dvmQL3. Updates cover the following:

• Shelter Closure
• Adoption Process
• Fostering Waitlist
• Lost/Found/Stray Info
• Return-to-Field Program Updates
• Online Licensing Options
• How to Donate
• Dog Park/Bark Park Status

If you are fostering an animal or have adopted from our shelter, we love seeing your updates and photos! Please send them to countyanimalcare@saccounty.net or to our Facebook inbox to be featured.
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Due to orders from county officials we have until Sunday to clear the shelter and get as many dogs into foster homes as possible. We are most in need of homes for our one and only dogs. If you are open to fostering ANY dog and can pick up a dog today please email us at sacramentocountydogs@Gmail.com. Right now our email team will be prioritizing emails from those without limitations or stipulations (specific priority is pet free homes) regarding what dog they can take. Thank you! #adoptdontshop #fosterdog #saveashelterpet #shelterinplace #sactowndogs #bradshawanimalshelter ... See MoreSee Less

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An update from the Bradshaw Animal ShelterWe appreciate your patience! Here are some updates about what programs and services we are currently providing during the closure. Please stay tuned for as the situation evolves.

The shelter is closed to the public for most regular operations until further notice. We will issue appropriate updates as new information becomes available. However, we have implanted a call-in system for the following services:

• Adoptions are still taking place via a remote process.
Potential adopters must call 916-875-2287 between 8:30am-5:00pm to speak with a shelter representative. Adoptions will then be processed by appointment after speaking with a representative.

• If your lost pet is in the shelter, call 311. Callers will then be transferred to a shelter representative to make redemption arrangements.

• If you would like to foster a shelter pet, call 311. Callers will then be transferred to a shelter representative for further assistance.

Although it’s not ideal or popular, at this time we’re asking the public to leave found animals in place, as they may already be close to home and found by owners. However, we are taking sick, injured, and pregnant animals, and kittens. However, please leave neonate kittens in place, as mama kitty is probably not far away, and their chances of survival are much greater if they stay with her. Neonates that truly appear to have been abandoned, which is not common, should be brought in. Check with neighbors! Lost and Found pets should be posted online on sites such as NextDoor, Craigslist and SacBee.com, and registered on www.PetHarbor.com.com. Be sure to keep ID on your pets at all times, and ensure that your contact information is updated with microchip companies and your veterinarian to increase the chances of quick reunification. ID tags can be obtained at most larger retail pet store.

The shelter is always grateful for donations of needed items such as clean towels, kitten/puppy milk replacer and feeding bottles, XXL Kong dog toys and Redbarn Naturals Food Rolls. However, there are currently no specific items needed in relation to the COVID-19 shelter closure. To help with special medical needs, monetary donations made payable to the shelter’s non-profit affiliate, T.E.A.M. (Teaching Everyone Animals Matter) are always appreciated via team4animals.org.

Yes! You can either, 1) go to animalcare.saccounty.net to register/pay, online, or, 2) mail a check to: 3839 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, CA 95827. You will need your pet’s rabies certificate showing that your pet has a current rabies vaccination. Fees are $15 for altered pets and $50 for unaltered pets. Proof of spay/neuter is requited for the reduced license fee.

For updates and resources, please visit saccounty.net/covid-19.
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2 weeks ago

T.E.A.M. (Teaching Everyone Animals Matter)

T.E.A.M. (Teaching Everyone Animals Matter)'s cover photo ... See MoreSee Less

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Our Vision

What We Do


Provide and encourage public support of Bradshaw Shelter.  Assist Bradshaw Shelter in supporting licensed rescue organizations.  Provide education to the citizens of Sacramento County on the humane care and treatment of animals to reduce cruelty and suffering of animals.


Increase the number of lost animals redeemed by encouraging permanent identification of animals, educating the public to look at the shelter for their pets, and through coordination with other shelters, lost and found services, and the media.

Eliminate Euthanasia

Assist in improving the quality and number of adoptions from Bradshaw Shelter through grooming and behavioral testing of animals, promoting the welfare and supporting the medical needs of shelter animals, improving the adoption facilities and, advising the public of animals available for adoption, thereby helping to decrease the number of animals euthanized by Bradshaw Shelter.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Each year more than 12,000 animals end up at Bradshaw Shelter. Most are discarded by their owners or lost, and many are impounded by shelter staff because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Significant numbers arrive at the shelter unaltered, sick or injured, and funding for veterinary care and supplies is limited. That’s why there’s TEAM.

Spread the Word

We are a small non-profit organization and are rather new to the social media world.  You can help us build our following by sharing our information with your friends!  The bigger our following, the bigger the benefit to the animals of the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter!

Upcoming Events


Oct 6th - Whiskers & Wine

5:30pm – 9:00pm Our largest annual charity fundraising event of the year.


Nov 27th - #GivingTuesday

ALL DAY 24 hour online fundraiser

Your Donations in Action

Lives YOU Saved




Who We Support

Friends of TEAM


More Good Stuff From TEAM

Critter Outfitter Store

Located just inside the entrance of the Bradshaw Shelter Adoption Center at 3839 Bradshaw Road, Critter Outfitter is a retail store for pet owners and offers a wide array of items for your pet. Critter Outfitter is staffed entirely by helpful and dedicated volunteers. All profit generated from the store goes toward promoting shelter animal adoption, assisting with the medical needs of the shelter animals, and supporting the work of the volunteers.

TEAM Quarterly Newsletter

In each issue of our newsletter, you can expect to see news and highlights about current happenings in and around the Bradshaw Animal Shelter. For example, how an animal abuser was brought to justice; information about events which support the animals such as TEAM’s largest fundraiser of the year, Whiskers & Wine, as well as requests for assistance with specific or urgent items that need funding like our new Parvo Isolation Ward.

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