Phoenix, now known as Bubby, was the victim of heinous animal cruelty involving an accelerant and a butane torch, resulting in severe burns on over 40% of his body. His “before” photos may be difficult to see, but they speak to the magnitude of trauma that took place.

Thanks to the generosity of community donors, our original fundraiser for him in 2020 was a huge success. We were able to save Bubby’s life by fully funding his specialized surgery, pain management, and 24/7 critical recovery care. We could not have done this without our community and the medical expertise of the amazing medical team at Bradshaw Animal Shelter and UC Davis Veterinary Hospital.

Despite what Bubby went through, he has shown nothing but love and kindness to humans. Other than requiring ongoing specialized care related to his burns, he is happy, playful, and well-adjusted in his new home—a testament to how resilient, forgiving, and good-natured dogs truly are.

Bubby is featured with Dancer Dion Wiedenhoefer.


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