Clover was found as a stray with a severely injured front leg, cherry eye, and ulcerated eye. The amazing shelter veterinary team quickly assessed her and determined that she would need a leg amputation, cherry eye surgery, and eye medications. While the veterinary team was able to perform her leg amputation and cherry eye surgery in-house using TEAM-funded equipment, they needed the help of a specialist to save her ulcerated eye. TEAM funded Clover’s consult with an ophthalmologist at the Animal Vision Center. Unfortunately, the ophthalmologist determined that Clover’s eye could not be saved, and ultimately had to be removed.

Thankfully, Kristi and Travis stepped up to foster Clover while she underwent treatment. She settled into their home quickly and became best friends with their other American Bully, Lillipup. Once her treatment was completed, they realized they couldn’t give her up and made her part of their family! Now, she spends her days lounging around the house with her dog and cat siblings. She enjoys napping in the sun and observing the family’s delightful pigs—who were also adopted from the Bradshaw Animal Shelter—through the fence.

Clover is featured with dancer Serena Peterson.


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