Sweet Dragonfly was hit by a car on a rainy day in January 2021. Luckily, a Good Samaritan found her and called animal control. When Dragonfly first arrived at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter, it was discovered she had a broken leg and no control of her back legs. Despite this, she was full of life, energy, and love, and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. To help Dragonfly get around, TEAM supplied her with a wheelchair – and oh, did she LOVE this newfound freedom! Once placed in her new wheels, Animal Care Attendant Violet reported that she took off and they had to run to catch up to her! While still in the shelter, the veterinary team saw signs that she may be able to regain the use of her back legs, and asked if TEAM could fund her physical therapy at Acorn Veterinary Clinic in Davis, CA. Of course, we said yes!

TEAM worked with shelter staff to get her into an amazing foster home with Josh, who has a pack of his own differently-abled pets. Josh continued to work with Dragonfly’s mobility and socialization, and acted as shuttle driver to and from her 20 physical therapy visits – all funded by TEAM. Josh commented on the pure joy she exudes, the love and gratitude she shares with each cuddle, and the never-ending desire to play with his pack of tripawds.

Thanks to the amazing staff at Acorn Veterinary Clinic, and the perseverance of her foster Josh, Dragonfly can now walk!

Dragonfly was recently adopted by an amazing momma that has experience with differently-abled pets. She has been renamed Millie. Millie is a living example of hope, patience, and perseverance, and how fostering saves lives!!!

Dragonfly is featured with dancer Chloe Warmenhoven.


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