Riley and his littermate Izzy arrived at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter as tiny kittens, and it was quickly determined that they likely had feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). FIP is a terrible disease that typically affects kittens and young adult cats. It has varied symptoms, is notoriously hard to diagnose, and strikes without warning. There is no vaccine and until a short time ago, there was no treatment – it was 100% fatal. But now there is hope: a new treatment with about an 85% cure rate for FIP was discovered by a veterinarian at UC Davis. Sadly, the treatment is not readily available, and even when it can be obtained, it is very expensive. The treatment itself is very lengthy: 84 days of daily injections or pills, then 84 days of observation and periodic lab tests. Given the length of the treatment, it isn’t something that can be cared for in a shelter environment. Thankfully, Bradshaw Rescue Coordinator Shasta reached out to our friends at FieldHaven to ask if they could take Riley and Izzy into their life-saving programs if TEAM helped fund their care.

Sadly, Izzy did not make it, but Riley is thriving, and is spoiled rotten by his mom!
TEAM is so thankful for rescue partners like FieldHaven that help save sweet babies like Riley!

Riley is featured with dancers Marissa Erickson and Julia Payne.


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