Thomas, a 2 month old puppy, was brought into Bradshaw Animal Shelter (Sacramento County) with a head injury last week. Upon examination, the Bradshaw veterinary team determined Thomas’ injury was consistent with a localized heavy trauma, such as that of a hammer.

Thomas the puppy is still fragile but his condition has been static for the past few days. His UC Davis medical team has determined that he is strong enough to undergo surgery and they are recommending a craniotomy to remove bone fragments in his brain cavity that are likely causing neurological problems including impaired vision, hearing, and circling when he stands. He can stand though, and finds his way to his food.

Following a re-examination on March 14, 2018, Thomas’ medical team believes that a craniotomy surgery is the best thing for him and time is of the essence. The goal is to prevent further neurological damage and resulting symptoms as his brain grows, and possibly even improvement in those symptoms he is already experiencing. A craniotomy is a risky surgery, but Thomas’ veterinarians believe it is his best chance.

The estimated cost of surgery is between $5,700 and $10,000.  T.E.A.M. has committed to ensuring that Thomas’ surgery is paid for and is asking for the public’s help to raise funds to help with the cost.  Please help us by sharing this request far and wide, and by keeping this sweet little guy in your thoughts and prayers.

Please contact the Bradshaw Animal Shelter if you have any information on what happened to Thomas, or that would prevent any other animal from such horrible treatment.